wise MotM series:

Approximately once a month, we host an open luncheon and invite one of our amazing WISE Mentors to speak to attendees about various aspects of their lives.  Each month focuses on a new topic and the intimate setting makes for some great conversations with the Mentor! 

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 join us for July's Mentor of the Month :

What's outside of academia?
a guide for transitioning into and industry role

Dr. Tammy Truong is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Medicine at McMaster University, with experience in the industrial domain. In building these industrial relations, Dr. Truong has become familiar with the different domains outside of academia and the job search strategies that aid in applying to positions within biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Join us as she shares her insights on her journey so far, as well as lessons and resources she's learned to navigate this process!

All members of the McMaster community are welcome, we look forward to seeing your virtual faces! 💻


Missed the talk? Want to re-watch? Click below for the recording!