wise MotM series:

Approximately once a month, we host an open luncheon and invite one of our amazing WISE Mentors to speak to attendees about various aspects of their lives.  Each month focuses on a new topic and the intimate setting makes for some great conversations with the Mentor! 

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 join us for March's Mentor of the Month :

Start with YEs-
Success, Balance, and Fostering Relationships in Graduate School

Dr. Heather Moulden is currently a Psychologist in the Forensic Psychiatry Program at St. Joseph's Healthcare in Hamilton, and also holds a faculty position at McMaster University as an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences. Dr. Moulden is the chair of the National Forensic Psychiatry Research Network, has authored numerous publications and chapters, and has presented at scholarly conferences both nationally and internationally. She has provided training and consultation to all levels of government, police, professional organizations, and community agencies regarding various aspects of sexual violence, and has been recognized for her work as a Fellow of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse.

Join us on March 21st at 1:00 pm to hear about Dr. Moulden's professional journey where she will emphasize the importance of finding balance, fostering professional relationships, and being open to opportunities in graduate school.


All members of the McMaster community are welcome, we look forward to seeing your virtual faces! 💻

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