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Interested in Joining our Team?

At WISE, we always welcome new members! We look for passionate individuals that are dedicated to inspiring and advocating for others.


Our executive team applications are now closed.

Stay up to date for our 2024-2025 hiring cycle. 

Our executive applications typically open in July-September of each year and roles vary.


General membership is always open and our team is constantly growing! Come join us by sending us an email:


Interested in Collaborating or Looking to work with McMaster WISE?

We are always looking to collaborate with like-minded initiatives, organizations, programs, or schools to host events or start programming. In the past, we've come to schools to host panels and have collaborated with different initiatives to host events.

Please email us at and let's connect!


Interested in Sponsoring McMaster WISE or Donating to one of our Programs?

If you would like to sponsor McMaster WISE for the 2023-2024 year, or want more information about the sponsorship or donation process, please send an email to for our sponsorship package.

Visit the "Our Sponsors" Page for more insight (page coming soon).

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